Bans and Tempbans for: *SEXY'S* CTF I
You are viewing the public (temp)bans. If you are in this list you can only reconnect when the tempban has expired or never when a ban is permanent. If you want your ban revoked post your name, ban-id and your side of the story in the appropriate forum
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55930 heLLo Ban Saturday, 02/01/2010 (14:59) permanent aimbot, guid changer
55696 Hippo Ban Friday, 01/01/2010 (23:40) permanent GUID Changer
40762 MADBADGER Ban Tuesday, 24/11/2009 (12:23) permanent known teamkilling idiot
7190 6 Ban Wednesday, 19/08/2009 (10:17) permanent
2448 HEIL_HITLER Ban Monday, 03/08/2009 (20:00) permanent Racism and aimbot
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