pvt_slasher application

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pvt_slasher application

Postby pvt_slasher » 23 Jan 2012 01:49

im pvt slasher, im 16 and i don't think ive done anything serious on this server other than tk other tkers for payback. im somewhat inexperienced but im very good at knifing people on certain maps and on another server i have the knifing record for three maps. i am usually on for weekends because i do sports but i will be on more after febuary. summer might be a problem but i am always on during school. im in the united states. also i would be right for this because i always try to report people who are doing things wrong and if they dont know the rules ill pull them up for that person. ive already registered my nick on the server but when theres no admin on its hard to get rid of a rulebreaker because you cant remove them from the server. i also make sure someone is doing something wrong before reporting them to the admin by following them with spectator
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Re: pvt_slasher application

Postby Einstein » 23 Jan 2012 02:21

Thanx for the registration pvt_slasher and Welcome to our server.
Our server is "always" controlled by an admin. Maybe, sometimes we "admins" sleep so the server is not cever by the tk, cheaters ecc.
Thanx for your sure that you make to the other players when they do smth wrong.
See you in game. :D

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Re: pvt_slasher application

Postby [DSIT]Tao » 25 Jan 2012 13:41

Thx for joining us pvt_slasher :)

Einstein is right, sometimes we sleep we eat... We are not bot just human :)

I just to come back on a little thing you said :

"ve done anything serious on this server other than tk other tkers for payback"

I understand why you do that but the more you will do that the tkers we will have. Someone tk you, you tk him so he will tk you 1 more time and maybe touch another player who will tk at his turn .... No end :)

If someone tk you plz do not make him payback. Just ask an admin :). If no admin connected, just send a demo to his on this forum and we will do what we can't against stupids :)

Have fun
Be fair !
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