Urban Terror 4.3 ! Server is Alive !

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Urban Terror 4.3 ! Server is Alive !

Postby Pilou42 » 21 Oct 2016 23:20

Nice to see Sexy's CTF 4.3 server full. I though you would never give up on 4.1. :mrgreen:
For those who not have tried it yet, it's time. Transition from 4.1 to 4.2+ is a bit hard, but with time you'll get used to.

Just a hint for 4.3.1: since there's a bug, if you want to avoid jerky visual, you have to enter a command in console:
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/seta snaps 20
It's a temporary fix: it raises ping unfortunately, but it's still better than default snaps 60. We can hope it will be fixed in the future and we'll be able to use snaps at 60.

Is Sleepyhead still alive and playing/specting game ?
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