Behavior of players and Admin

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Behavior of players and Admin

Postby [A]negativenoob » 20 Jun 2016 13:22

Hello everyone.

Premise: I play in Sexy's server since I discovered UT, for me you are like a family.
As a family, I get nervous when things are not going well because I wish that everything runs more smoothly.

I don't write for remove my ban (In fact this is not the appropriate section ;) ), I'm writing because, in my humble opinion, some attitude of someone threatens to undermine the good things done by everyone else in all these years.
And, as in a family, when something is wrong, she openly discusses.

Primarily, I don't know the name of who has banned me (in the game was "bluuuuuuh" or something).
I will speak of my ban, only to highlight the attitude in question.
Map Ramelle, we are ten, more or less, in total.
Ready, go, and we're already 3 to 0 for blue.
In the chat, the player in question, keeps repeating to leave win blue, and says "Some red player is really stupid" only because that stupid player try to play the map.
This thing made me angry and I killed a first and a second time the player in question (we was both in the red team).
At this point he began to write that wasn't better for me to kill him again, that I don't knew who he was.
Well, I really did not knew (and I don't know) who he was, and not even want to know.
It is normal that those who should ensure the normal course of the games, take this attitude?
If you are an Admin not call stupid the people who just want to play a map that you don't like and don't assume a boss attitude just because you are an Admin.
I killed him a third time and have been banned.
Banned for TK? Nope, banned as deseter.
You abuse of powers and also don't report things as they really are.

I prefer to close it here, see you in a week :)
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Re: Behavior of players and Admin

Postby Shark.hr » 22 Jun 2016 00:04

Noted,... however i DON'T like see my trusted people banned. And you won't wait week for playing until im here. And i will take care about this situation... right now
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