New server CTF :> with mod

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New server CTF :> with mod

Postby mordka » 18 Jul 2012 13:19

Welcome, recently we did the new CTF server and I would like to know what players are thinking about this server. All the information is here http://frumod.unhit.pl

All things which think that they are unnecessary or what it is possible to add will be taken into consideration :)
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Re: New server CTF :> with mod

Postby Pilou42 » 22 Jul 2012 19:27

Mordka, have you heard of someone called Mordek ? I can't stand him, always killing me, so if you see him, tell him ! :mrgreen:

I did not try these recent changes, but one thing I didn't like in previous version, it's the color for nickname. It makes console unreadable...

See you !
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