SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

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Re: Banned by Desert

Postby slapper66 » 08 Oct 2013 19:23

ok this topic is now a discussion over smoke/glasses or not

earlier I said always fucking smoker :mrgreen:
now I'm not saying anything - pointless

Anyway my opinion
main problem is with the glasses and smoke...the rest of your team has not a chance to hit something... or make it some TKs in smoke. You can use glasses in deathmatch not in CTF.
With a team size of 16 players makes no sense for the final victory if 10 players from 16 see nothing.
Urt-fun is rush & jump & hit
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SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby Shark.hr » 08 Oct 2013 21:30

I opened this topic for reason.

Here you can add you opinions about THEME thread.

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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby duck » 08 Oct 2013 22:46

My opinion: i think smoke is fine on some of the bigger maps, but on the smaller maps like abbey and turnpike the gameplay gets a bit destroyed if u got some heavy smokers around.

btw I think if smoke grenades was taken away it would become a heck of a lot of regular nades flying around. TK-mania that aswell :p
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby Pilou42 » 09 Oct 2013 00:23

Smoke is like HK: very often it's really misused. I'd prefer if there were neither one or the other, but I'm aware some players would be disappointed, because they enjoy both.

But goggles are different.
1) When you're killed in smoke, sometimes difficult to know if it's goggles or wallhack... If you really want to be sure, you have to go in spec; kinda boring. Without goggles, this case would be easier.
2) goggles cause lots of boring tks, and then cause ragequit, vengeance tk, etc. despite excuses.
3) Is this really the best image of UrT we could offer ? A green ugly screen (or blue or purple if you changed default setting) ? Not a nice image for the noob player.
4) Imagine if really good players would use goggles too ? it would be more and more boring. I remember when Joram came with goggles, that was insane; I was obliged to take goggles too to have a chance to kill him. He was able to kill an entire team hidden in smoke.
5) when an advanced defender player decides to smoke in front of flag with his goggles, it's mega boring for his teamates who want to get out of the spawn quickly, and for opponent who can't see this camper hidden behind a box and smoke.

0) I read some people suffering from color blindness color would be helped by goggles. I have to disagree completly. it has nothing to do with color, but moves. And goggles certainly not help people who already have troubles to disting colors, so please don't use this excuse. And for the record, 4.2 allows you to change teams color (instead of blue and orange, you can choose the color of your team, and the one from opponent team).

You can let smoke if you want, especially on the 32 slots server, but no goggles please.

If by any chance we could have goggles out of the game, maybe we could talk about HK then, but it's a second step. For now, kill the goggles !
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby duck » 09 Oct 2013 01:51

next time we see pilou on the server, lets all just gang up on him with smoke, goggles and a HK -kit :D
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby MaRyJaNe » 09 Oct 2013 13:46

I completely agree with that expressed by pilou42.

I'm tired of dying because of a player on my own team who is wearing glasses, I'm tired of dying because an idiot in my team has used smoke in my own spawn and I can not defend, taking my vision of the attackers

I'm tired and bored of asking that none use the smoke in our own spawn (even though there is a rule that prevents it, but almost no admin makes use of this rule).

Smoke can be effective but only at specific moments, escape the enemy spawn when you capture the flag.

What does not seem normal that they use to smoke every time, in any area of ​​the map, making the map becomes unplayable, not to mention the FPS drop some players suffering the limitation of their graphics cards ..

If this were a vote, I have it very clear, my vote would be a great F1, in favor of removing the smoke.

you can disable smoke grenades? YES

SEXY is administered with B3 bot, it is as simple as installing this plugin, created precisely for this, enable / disable any of the weapons.

Weapon Control


Code: Select all
<configuration plugin="weaponcontrolurt">
  <settings name="commands">
    <!-- min level required to use the weaponcontrol command         
        0 : guest
        1 : user
        2 : regular
        20 : moderator
        40 : admin
        60 : fulladmin
        80 : senioradmin
        100 : superadmin
      <set name="weaponcontrol-wpctrl">60</set>
   <!-- put '0' below to disallow a weapon, put '1' to allow -->
   <settings name="weapons">
      <set name="Beretta 92G">1</set>
      <set name="Desert Eagle">1</set>
      <set name="SPAS-12">1</set>
      <set name="MP5K">1</set>
      <set name="UMP45">1</set>
      <set name="HK69">1</set>
      <set name="LR300ML">1</set>
      <set name="M4A1">1</set>
      <set name="G36">1</set>
      <set name="PSG-1">1</set>
      <set name="SR-8">1</set>
      <set name="AK-103">1</set>
      <set name="Negev">1</set>
      <set name="HE Grenade">1</set>
      <set name="Smoke Grenade">1</set>
      <set name="Kevlar Vest">1</set>
      <set name="Kevlar Helmet">1</set>
      <set name="Silencer">1</set>
      <set name="Laser Sight">1</set>
      <set name="Medkit">1</set>
      <set name="NVGs">1</set>
      <set name="Extra Ammo">1</set>


Admin guide

!help weaponcontrol : show available options

!weaponcontrol : show current restrictions
!weaponcontrol all : allow all weapons/items
!weaponcontrol reset : forbid weap/item as set in the config file

!weaponcontrol -ber : forbide Beretta
!weaponcontrol +ber : allow Beretta
!weaponcontrol -de : forbide Desert Eagle
!weaponcontrol +de : allow Desert Eagle
and so on with the following weap/item codes :
 ber : Beretta 92G
 de : Desert Eagle
 spa : SPAS-12
 mp : MP5K
 ump : UMP45
 hk : HK69
 lr : LR300ML
 g36 : G36
 psg : PSG-1
 sr : SR-8
 ak : AK-103
 neg : Negev
 m4 : M-4
 he : HE Grenade
 smo : Smoke Grenade
 kev : Kevlar Vest
 hel : Kevlar Helmet
 sil : Silencer
 las : Laser Sight
 med : Medkit
 nvg : NVGs (lunettes de vision nocturne)
 xtr ou ext: Extra Ammo
  !weaponcontrol -sil
  !weaponcontrol -silencer
are equivalent. only the first 3 letters are checked to recognise the weap/item

I have installed this plugin when my clan has had public server, and it really is a blessing falling from the sky.
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby b0lt » 09 Oct 2013 20:55

smoke was pissing me off everyday,but today i got totally mad,there was no smoke only in spawn room.
So have fun and see you all again when smoke is disabled
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby Wonko » 09 Oct 2013 22:07

I hate smoke, but if you disable NV in some cases could be fun.
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby [A]negativenoob » 10 Oct 2013 08:01

It can affect my opinion :P
Regarding the use of smoke: undoubtedly bother, but they are part of the game. Just as I don't use bombs and smoke normally, so other players instead use them as normal: it's the game.
Same thing for night vision goggles: I never use them because I can't play with goggles, but not want them to be abolished.
In conclusion, rather than abolish the smoke (and consequently the night vision goggles), should be punished more severely those who make an inappropriate or excessive use, making it unplayable the map to the other players.

PS: sorry for my bad use of English
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Re: SMOKE or NO SMOKE on Sexys server

Postby Einstein » 10 Oct 2013 11:32

My opinion is that the URT is made with all the weapons that we always play. Sexys 1 CTF is a pubblic server, and must have ALL THE WEAPONS. This is not a private server that we can change weapons every times that we want. So, i "vote" for all weapons.

p.s Stop making smoke or no-smoke, HK or not ecc...sleepy will not change the weapons in his pubblic server....

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