Any Master servers about

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Re: Any Master servers about

Postby pipocanoob » 07 Feb 2014 22:24

you could always try qtracker it lists all urt 4.1 servers with option to connect to them

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Re: Any Master servers about - workaround

Postby By73c0d3 » 29 May 2014 18:20

Hi All :D

I also had problems connecting to the Q3 master server. I tried reconfiguring using both the console and the config file but the game continued to lookup the old address.

I worked around this by aliasing the Q3 arena IP's under the Urban Terror server names, so the game "thinks" that it's talking to the Urban Terror servers, but is actually communicating with Q3 arena servers.

To do so, I added the following to my /etc/hosts file:

#quake3arena master.urbanterror.net master.urbanterror.com

This allowed the game to lookup the servers successfully.
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