Name stealing?

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Name stealing?

Postby Wonko » 22 Oct 2013 01:18

Hi there, today I had to realize I divided and there was another "FooBar" on the server. Unfortunately the clone left within a short period as soon as I have started to spectate, so I was not able to ask him WTF?

Is there any admin who could check this? Who use the same nick like me? Or maybe I use the same nick like he? I this case I must change again to avoid misunderstanding :(

BTW it was interesting to spectate myself, the other me is also noob, no doubt.
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Re: Name stealing?

Postby FukushuKumquat » 22 Oct 2013 18:53

There seems to be another Foobar connecting from Poland.

I wonder if he isn't borrowing your nick to hide from the fact he might be cheating...

To be seen I guess.
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Return to Medic on the way, hang in there.

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