Why am i banned exactly?

Objective: Ban inquiry.
You have been banned and you think you haven't done anything?
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Why am i banned exactly?

Postby dany » 28 Mar 2017 17:23


here is my ban entry:

380830 dany TempBan Tuesday, 28/03/2017 (17:07) Tuesday, 27/03/2018 (17:07) AB

the reason: AB, i expect i broke some rules.

i was just kidding with zbam. i didn't use any bad words.
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Re: Why am i banned exactly?

Postby Shark.hr » 30 Mar 2017 10:27

Admin who banned you should come here to explain?! Can't figure why you 're banned.

Hope it will be soon. On 03. 04. 2017. i will unban you if we don't get answer before that date.

Hope you understand.

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