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Welcome on the Homepage of *SEXY'S* CTF Servers

*SEXY'S* CTF Servers Homepage
Hello and Welcome everyone on the Homepage of the *SEXY'S* CTF Urban Terror Servers!

It's good to see you here. We are happy to announce that the homepage is now live and you can find multiple stuff about the servers.

What can you find on the homepage?
Well, we tried to collect all informative stuff for you and that's stuff like: the newest mapcycles, the admins, stuff about the server itself and other various infos.

You can also find a forum - on the Homepage where you can ask questions to our admins or just have a talk with other players and discuss.

Well take a look around and enjoy your stay ;-)!

Your *SEXY'S* CTF Team

sleepyhead / Fr0stig
Posted on 29 Mar 2012 by sleepyhead